Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp at FAC begins on Friday June 1 and runs thru Wed Aug 8.  Registration forms and information is located at the top of the page by clicking on Registration Forms. Contact AIR (Activities Information and Registration) at 928-779-5141 with questions or to get more information.



Janus Hudson

Massage Therapists


Massage Therapist


JANUS HUDSON is a nationally certified and state licensed bodywork therapist in practice for 35 years. She initiated and ran the Flagstaff Athletic Club massage program from 1984-1994 and left to work on the W. L. Gore massage team and for several chiropractors. She returned to the Club’s two locations in 1998 and serves currently as the massage team’s Coordinator. She has maintained a private office as well in downtown Flagstaff since 1987. 

Janus works closely with a variety of health professionals to provide quality coordinated care for their mutual patients. She combines her fields of interest and expertise to provide a holistic approach for the restoration of health to the mind/body/spirit/emotions of each client for each session. Having been an elementary teacher for 17 years, with a Masters in Humanistic Education, she also fuses her two loves of teaching and bodywork by presenting numerous seminars and classes in introductory massage, self-care, personal growth, and self-discovery.    

She is trained in Myofascial and Emotional Release therapy, Deep Tissue & Integrated Neuromuscular Therapy, Cross-Fiber Myotherapy, Craniosacral work, and beginning Watsu water therapy.

Janus specializes in treating arthritic problems, sports- & work-related injuries, chronic pain & debilitating conditions, and sexual abuse and other emotionally-based issues, such as physical and emotional trauma, grief, and PTSD.

Her clients range from infants to the elderly, and she willingly adapts to meet the needs of all individuals.  Janus works Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at FAC East, and at her downtown office on Mondays and Thursdays. Call her at 853-9039 to schedule an appointment or arrange for a group class.